National policies

  • National Teacher Policy for Sierra Leone, TSC, 2019.
  • Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders in Sierra Leone, TSC, 2017 (Referred to as: the Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders).
  • Code of Conduct for Teachers and other Education Personnel in Sierra Leone, Final Draft, TSC, 2019. (Referred to as: Code of Conduct).
  • Education Act, Sierra Leone Gazette, 2004.
  • Sierra Leone, Civil Service Code, Regulations and Rules.
  • Teacher Mentoring: An Intensive Course for School-based Teacher Mentors, TSC 2019.

    Professional and academic books and articles

    • Michael Armstrong, A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice, 9th Edition, Kogan Page, London, 2005 (but look for the latest edition).
    • Kathy Beevers & Andrew Rea, Learning and Development Practice, CIPD, London, 2013.
    • Penny Hackett, Training Practice, CIPD, London, 2004/2008
    • Rosemary Harrison, Learning and Development, 3rd Edition, CIPD, London, 2003 (but look for the latest edition).
    • Gerry Dessler, Human Resource Management, 11th Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 2008 (but look for the latest edition).
    • – the professional body for HR and people development


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