Rules: Teacher Workforce Planning

Includes rules on: Teacher workforce planningDeploymentTeachers in remote areas and Attraction and retention.

Teacher workforce planning in Sierra Leone

  • The Teaching Service strives to ensure the teacher workforce is right-sized, with the right number of qualified teachers and subject specialists (neither too many or too few) deployed in the country’s schools, whether urban, rural or remote.
  • School leaders are responsible for forecasting the demand for teachers for their schools.
  • The TSC forecasts teacher recruitment demand for each coming school year based on information received from school leaders.
  • Every five years the TSC and MBSSE forecast the demand for teachers for the next five years. TTCs use the forecasted demand to plan input and output of teacher students.


  • Deployment of teachers aims to meet the needs of schools and pupils for qualified teachers.
  • Deployment procedures shall be fair, transparent, equitable and based on objective criteria.
  • Deployment must ensure an equal distribution of qualified teachers based on teacher-student ratios and the need for subject specialists throughout the country in urban, rural and remote areas.
  • It is the policy of TSC that compensation for relocation expenses will be provided for employer-initiated deployment.

Teachers in Remote Areas

  • Teachers deployed in areas designated as remote/hardship shall be compensated and are eligible for special benefits such as scholarships.
  • Deployment to schools in remote areas must not be applied as a punitive measure.

Attraction & Retention

  • The TSC shall promote the teaching profession at least once a year through campaigns in senior secondary schools, universities and teacher training colleges using appropriate media.
  • The TSC shall takes measures to make the teaching profession attractive by offering an attractive career path, good working conditions, and similar measures.


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