Further Reading: Job Description

Job descriptions guide the work of teachers and school leaders and are at the heart of many Personnel Management procedures and practices.

A job description is based on an in-depth analysis of a job. It is short, usually less than two pages, and factual. It includes essential information about the job, such as the overall responsibilities of the job holder, key tasks involved in the performance of the job, and basic information about the job for administrative purposes. It also specifies the education and competencies required to perform the job.

It is prudent in the Job Description to mention any special job demands, and factors of health, safety and the environment.    

An analysis of a teacher’s job requires professional expertise. Such job analysis may take place in connection with large educational and/or organisational reforms. But the TSC must update Job Descriptions or relevant parts of them regularly, particularly when there are major changes affecting the requirements and contents of a teacher or school leader job.  

For Job Analysis refer to Pay and Benefits.

Job descriptions may be used for teacher recruitment, induction, promotion, performance appraisal, personal development interviews, learning needs assessment, professional development and training, coaching, mentoring and supervision, as well as for other HR activities.

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