Teacher Job Description

Full job description for a position as a teacher including: purpose, tasks and competencies

Positions: Teacher, Senior Teacher, Head of Department
Grades: 5-9 (for details see the attached table)
Place of work: School assigned by the Teaching Service Commission 
Reports to: School Leader

  1. Purpose of the Job
  • Ensure high quality of teaching in all subjects taught
  • Pupils are motivated to learn
  • Pupils do well at exams
  • Older pupils begin to orientate themselves towards a career
  • Conducive team-spirit, climate and learning environment at the school
  1. Tasks

Teaching tasks

  • Teaches the current national subject curriculum
    • Secondary schools: specializes in 2-3 subjects
  • Prepares lesson notes
  • Organises and prepares learning tools and materials
  • Facilitates group work, assignments and projects
  • Assesses and marks pupils’ assignments
  • Conducts, assesses and marks tests and exams
  • Prepares register, diary and record card
  • Acts as class teacher (primary schools)
  • Engages in interclass activities, projects, quizzes, etc.

Managerial and administrative tasks

  • Participates in school strategy development and planning
  • Prepares term plans, calendar and duty roster
  • Registers attendance and keeps time-books (?)
  • Supervises school upkeep activities

Extra-curricular activities

  • Engages in sports, excursions, etc.
  • Participates in social activities in the community as appropriate
  • Engages in debates, media events, community learning programs, etc.
  • Contributes to the school newsletter and other media and communication tasks.

Tasks that may be assigned to a teacher

  • Supervises new teacher and TTC students during their practice at the school
  • Counsels pupils in a) education and career, b) personal issues
  • Teaches and pays special attention to pupils with physical and learning disabilities
  • Acts as Form Teacher (secondary schools), i.e. looks after the classrooms
  • Acts as Head of Department (secondary schools)
  1. Learning and Development
  • Keeps up to date with the national curriculum and subjects
  • Participates in relevant continuous professional development
  • Is a member of relevant professional associations, receives relevant newsletters, etc.
  • Engages in academic pursuits in subjects, writes articles, contributes to newsletters, etc.
  1. Special demands of the job
  • Noisy and crowded classrooms with bad ventilation
  • Occasionally manages conflict in the classroom
  1. Competencies

Knowledge, understanding and mastery of

  • Educational issues, policies, statistics, and socioeconomics
  • The current national school curriculum
  • Speciality subjects and updates on the subjects
  • The Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders
  • Didactics and pedagogics
  • The Code of Conduct
  • Basic research methodology
  • Health, safety and environment protection in schools
  • IT as a medium for teaching and as a subject

Skills in:

  • Semester and lesson planning
  • Application of teaching methods, including learner-orientated and participatory methods
  • How to conduct exams and tests
  • Assessment of exams, tests and assignments
  • Classroom management
  • Conflict management
  • Counselling of pupils
  • Different types of sports


  • Committed to education in Sierra Leone
  • Likes teaching children and young people
  • Team-player and constructive in outlook
  • Punctual and well organized
  • Integrity and adherence to Code of Conduct
  • Able to manage stress
  1. Qualifications
  • Experience as required for the position and grade
  • Teacher Certificate (TC)
  • Higher Teacher Certificate – Primary (HTC-primary)
  • Higher Teacher Certificate – Secondary (HTC-secondary)
  • Degree in Education
  • Degree + Post-graduate Diploma in Education

For details refer to the table below: Positions, Grades, and Requirements.

  1. Professional Standards for Teachers

While all teachers to a large extend perform the same tasks, the Professional Standards of Teachers refer to the detailed standards and competencies of teaching and related work, i.e. the standards and competencies of professional knowledge, professional practice, and professional engagement subdivided into 19 standards and 189 sub-standards for each of four stages on the career path based on the level of responsibility, the ability to work independently, the capacity to guide other teachers, the social engagement with the community, etc.

New Teacher

The New Teacher has the same fundamental responsibilities and tasks as more experienced teachers. But he/she lacks practical experience and requires mentoring and supervision. But new teachers also add value to the schools in which they teach. They help to introduce the latest knowledge and teaching methods which they have acquired at the TTCs. They can also be expected to bring IT, internet, digital and mobile know-how to the school and can support school leaders and older teachers in this area.

Proficient Teacher

The Proficient Teacher can be expected to master the curriculum and subjects and teach to a high standard, engage the learners, plan semesters and calendars of events effectively, prepare lessons well, manage the classroom, and interact and cooperate professionally with peer teachers. The proficient teacher has developed ownership to the school and therefore looks well after the school environment. He or she contributes to a good work and learning climate and takes responsibility for his or her own learning and development. The proficient teacher engages actively in extra-curricular activities and begins to interact with the parents.

  • 5 years’ experience as teacher.
  • 50 credits of professional development

Highly Accomplished Teacher

The Highly Accomplished Teachers has all the same qualities as the proficient teachers. But the Highly Accomplished Teacher has acquired considerable seniority and therefore has a special role in guiding, mentoring, and supporting other more junior teachers. The Highly Accomplished Teachers additional competencies may be summarised as:

  • 10 years teaching experience
  • 100 credits of professional development
  • Has a profound mastery of curriculum and subjects
  • Applies best practices in teaching and is a role model for other teachers
  • Improves the quality of teaching and learning in the school
  • Supervises extra-curricular activities including sports and excursions
  • Mentors new teachers and students during their practice
  • Has a profound grasp of the professional standards for teachers and guides other teachers.
  • Demonstrates excellent competencies in mentoring and in learner orientated and participatory teaching methods.

Distinguished teacher

The Distinguished Teacher has a special role in ensuring high academic standards in the school and ensuring the quality and relevance of teaching materials. He/she has the same qualities as a Highly Accomplished Teacher, but in addition the following:

  • 15 years’ experience as a teacher
  • 150 credits of professional development
  • Head of academic functions at the school
  • Develops and compiles original teaching materials
  • Oversees the school’s academic engagements, writes articles, newsletters, etc.
  • Participates in, and occasionally leads, professional forums, associations, communities of practice, etc.

For further details refer to the Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders, TSC, 2017.

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