Process: How to become a School Leader

Deputy Head or Head Teacher

In primary schools, Deputy Head Teachers and Head Teachers are promoted from among senior teachers in the school. The SMC selects candidates for promotion based on their Performance Appraisal results and accumulated merits recorded in their Teacher Portfolio. The candidate must have demonstrated the skills necessary to be a school leader. Promotions to school leader positions are approved by TSC which signs the PROMOTION FORM as the employer of school leaders.

Vice-Principal or Principal

Vice-Principals and Principals of secondary schools are recruited through open advertising by the School Board of Governors, which includes a representative of the Chief Education Officer. Final appointment is approved by the MBSSE.

Process of Vice Principal or Principal recruitment:

  • BoG advertises the position
  • Applicant submits completed application to the BoG
  • BoG receives applications and shortlists eligible candidates
  • BoG invites shortlisted candidates for interview
  • Shortlisted candidates attend interview conducted by the BoG
  • BoG recommends the selected candidate to the Chief Education Officer (CEO) of the MBSSE
  • CEO writes an appointment letter (MBBSE) to the successful candidate with a copy to the BoG
  • Successful candidate accepts the offer in writing.

For the qualifications required to become a school leader see Promotion.


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