Best Practice: How to evaluate a new teacher on probation

To evaluate the suitability of a newly recruited teacher on their performance, aptitude and knowledge, a school leader and assigned mentor may examine whether the new teacher:

  • Arrives punctually when class begins every morning throughout the whole period of probation.
  • Manages time effectively in planning lessons, assignments, group work, tests, homework, etc.
  • Behaves politely and demonstrates social skills with peers and parents.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and skills equivalent to their teacher certificate or degree.
  • Demonstrates good mastery of their subject as required to teach the grade.
  • Demonstrates a good grasp of learner-oriented teaching methods and makes pupils participate actively in class activities.
  • Speaks English well.
  • Speaks clearly so that all pupils understand.
  • Writes clearly on the white/blackboard so that all pupils can read letter, numbers, graphs, etc.
  • Pays special attention to weak, quiet or disabled pupils.
  • Maintains order and attention in the classroom.
  • Shows aptitude for and interest in extra-curricular activities such as sports.

If a new teacher does not meet the requirements he or she should be guided accordingly by the school leader and/or his or her mentor.

If the new teacher shows no aptitude and does not improve their competences during the probation period this should be documented in the school leader’s report to TSC.

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