Leave Rules


Includes: Vacation, sick leave, study leave, maternity leave and family leave. 


  • Teachers shall remain employed and keep their employment terms while on leave.
  • Seniority, salary grade, pension, eligibility for promotion and other conditions of service shall not be discontinued during leave periods.


  • Teacher and school leader vacations must correspond with the school holiday.
  • If a teacher applies for or is offered or selected for CPD, the school holiday may be applied for this purpose.
  • During the school holiday teachers should plan and prepare for the coming semester, subject to the direction of the school leader.

Sick Leave

  • A teacher must inform the school’s Head Teacher / Principal immediately if they fall ill and will be absent from school.
  • The school leader is responsible for granting sick leave.
  • If a school leader is sick they should inform the other school leader in the school. For longer periods of sickness they must inform the SMC/Education Secretary/BoG Chair.
  • After a designated period of sickness absence, an absent teacher must present certification of sickness from a registered medical practitioner (under development).
  • If sickness absence exceeds six (6) months, the teacher’s salary will be reduced by 50%. After one year of absence the teacher will be removed from service.

Study Leave

Teachers may be granted study leave with pay.

  • TSC determines priority areas for the award of study leave with pay and the duration of such leave.
  • Science and Technology teachers should have taught for a minimum of three (3) years to qualify for study leave, while other teachers will qualify if they have taught for a minimum of five (5) years.
  • Study leave period will not affect seniority and pension.
  • Teachers must complete an APPLICATION FOR STUDY LEAVE FORM.
  • The teacher must include their university acceptance letter, offer of scholarship, letter of appointment to teaching service and ED form approval with their application.
  • A teacher must apply to their school leader for study leave with pay. Their request is sent to TSC-DO and reviewed by TSC-HQ. If approved, TSC-HQ will send a letter of approval to the teacher.

Maternity Leave

  • Maternity leave is given to a female teacher when she gives birth.
  • Maternity leave for female teachers is three (3) months.
  • A pregnant teacher may choose to take part of this prior to giving birth.
  • The school leader should inform TSC-DO and in turn, TSC-HQ, two (2) months in advance if a teacher is due to go on maternity leave, including expected dates of leave and return.

Family Leave



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