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Occasionally a teacher may transfer from one school to another, either in the same or another district. This may occur because:

  • The TSC wishes to re-deploy the teacher to ensure equal distribution of teachers in the country’s schools, uphold the national teacher-student ratio, ensure qualified subject teachers at secondary schools, or for other reasons pertaining to national teacher workforce planning.
  • A teacher may wish to transfer to another school for family reasons, in pursuit of better career- and professional development opportunities, or because another school is more attractive.
  • A school leader or a district may wish to transfer a teacher due to the school’s, ward’s or district’s planning of the district teaching cadre.

Whatever the reason for transferring a teacher it is essential that the transfer process adheres to the Teaching Service’s rules and procedures for transfer.

Any transfer of a teacher must be immediately registered in the Teacher Database, in the payroll system, in district and school records, and in other registers of teachers that impact on teacher personnel management.


Who is responsible

TSC: Approves and processes transfer of a teacher to another school; initiates transfer in connection with deployment

School Leader: Can recommend transfer and makes the request to TSC


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