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It is essential for effective Human Resource Management of teachers that all teachers are appropriately registered, and that the teaching service keeps and updates individual teacher records. These records include basic information such as the teacher’s ID, position, grade, age, gender, years of service, workplace, subject specialisation, education and completed training.

Registration is a prerequisite for professionalisation of the teaching service and is linked to the licensing of teachers. It gives parents confidence that their children are being taught and supervised by state-recognised persons who have been scrutinised and deemed worthy to provide quality education and teaching.

Registration and subsequent recording in teacher records and database links to:

  • National educational planning
  • Reporting and statistics
  • TSC’s detailed teacher workforce planning and teacher deployment
  • Correct and timely pay of salary
  • Transfer of teachers to other schools
  • Promotion to higher positions and salary grades
  • Retirement
  • Registration of work experience, qualifications and professional development
  • Other areas of HR management.

A teacher’s data must be updated whenever there are changes to their employment. This ensures the teaching service has an accurate profile of each teacher, the current teaching establishment at each school, and the teaching workforce in the country at all times.

The TSC is in the process of developing an electronic database for all teacher records for ease of accessing information about teachers or schools when it is needed, and enable records to be updated more easily when there are changes. 

The advantages of digital registration in a database include:

  • Accurate and updated information on approved teachers.
  • Quick and easy access for authorised institutions to obtain the information.
  • Information for TSC’s deployment of teachers: qualifications, subject specialisation, age, years of service, gender, etc.

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