Best Practice: How to arrange and supervise student practice

For further details and instruction please refer to Teacher Mentoring: An Intensive Course for School-based Teacher Mentors TSC, 2019.

The TTC sends a letter asking the school to accept the student for their practice period, stating the requirements of practice.

The school selects a mentor to supervise and guide the student during the practice period

The TTC selects a mentor (supervisor) amongst the lecturers at the school to supervise the process and ensure the learning targets are met.

The supervisor, the school head, the mentor and the student prepare a plan for the practice to ensure all learning and observation needs are covered.

Following the first practice, the students’ mentor and supervisor record their comments on the student’s performance. The student is expected to improve during their second practice period.

Once each practice is complete, the TTC and school assess the student’s learning and achievements, which may also include a test.

Focus areas and procedures for student practice are given in the Manual for Mentoring. School practice.


In general, school practice should cover:

  • Subject and curriculum knowledge
  • Acquaintance with the subjects taught at the school
  • Planning and managing the calendar and timetable of teaching and events
  • Preparation of lesson notes and compiling of learning materials
  • How to convey the curriculum to pupils effectively, i.e. how to speak, use the whiteboard, involve the learners, etc.
  • Application of learner-orientated and participatory teaching methodologies
  • Use of the labs (if any)
  • Application of IT, internet and educational technology in teaching
  • Giving and correcting assignments and homework
  • Paying attention to and meeting the requirements of pupils with physical and learning disabilities
  • Managing conflict in the classroom
  • Assessment of internal tests
  • Teamwork with teachers.






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