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General Rules 

  • School leavers graduating from senior secondary school with a WASSCE (West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination) with the required marks are eligible to apply for enrolment in a TTC or university for courses which qualify for a teaching position.
  • Applicants to teacher education courses should have an aptitude for teaching and be motivated to teach in primary and/or secondary schools. The applicant’s attitude is tested at an admission interview.
  • The TSC shall inform the MTHE/TTCs annually of the forecasted demand for teachers for the following year and for the next five years to enable MTHE/TTCs to plan the intake of students, costs and other factors.
  • The curriculum taught at the teacher training colleges must be regularly adapted to the curriculum taught in schools. The MBSSE, TSC, and MTHE/TTCs cooperate on curriculum development.
  • Teaching at TTCs must equip graduates with effective learner-orientated teaching methods, IT skills, and competencies to work as a professional teacher in a school.
  • TSC’s professional standards for teachers and school leaders serves TTCs as a guideline for excellence in teaching.

School Practice

  • Every student on a TTC teacher training course must complete two periods of teaching practice at a school with which the TTC has practice arrangements.
  • Each practice period covers one TTC term of 4 months.
  • The first practice takes place during the second term of the second year.

The second practice takes place during the first term of the last year of the course.

  • The student is assigned a mentor during the practice period both at the TTC and at the school, who are suitable in terms of subject speciality, experience and mentoring skills.
  • The school practice of a student is managed by TTCs in close cooperation with the school leader and the assigned mentors.
  • The student is evaluated after each practice period and is expected to demonstrate improvement in the second period based on their evaluation of the first.

For further details see Teacher Education processes.

Distance Learning

  • TTCs offer part-time distance learning programmes for acquisition of TC, and HTC-Primary and -Secondary for unqualified teachers.
  • Applicants are admitted for distance learning courses subject to the criteria specified at the time of admission.
  • Admission criteria include an admission exam in the English language and a letter from the school authorities.

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