Rules: Probation

  • A teacher appointed by the TSC on a permanent basis must complete an initial probation period of three (3) months.
  • The TSC may extend the probation period by further three (3) months based on the School Leader’s report.
  • The maximum length of the probation period is six (6) months.
  • Probation comprises observation of the teacher’s performance based on a checklist, mentoring by the school leader and/or a senior teacher, and an induction program (see Induction).
  • In evaluating the teacher, consideration must be given to the teachers’ lack of previous teaching experience. Focus may instead be on personal work discipline, aptitude, interest and demonstration of knowledge and skills expected to have been acquired at Teacher Training College.
  • On completion of the probation period, the school leader will write a brief report on progress made during the induction period and evaluating whether the teacher on probation is fit for the job.
  • Upon the receipt of the School Leader’s report the TSC may:
    • Confirm the appointment and issue the teacher with a LETTER OF CONFIRMATION.
    • Terminate the appointment, giving thirty (30) days’ notice in writing to the teacher, or paying thirty (30) days’ salary in lieu of the notice.
    • Extend the probation period of the teacher beyond the initial three (3) months.
    • Where the teacher has completed a total six (6) months’ probation period, the TSC must either confirm or terminate the appointment.


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