1.1 About this Manual

About this manual and how to navigate it.

1.2 About Human Resource Management

An introduction to modern human resource management.

1.3 The Teaching Service in Sierra Leone

A brief description of the teaching service in Sierra Leone.

1.4 Background Information

Acknowledgements, foreword, acronyms and references for the HR Manual.

2.1 Teacher Workforce Planning

In this section: - How to plan the teaching workforce in schools - Rules on deployment - The...

2.2 Teacher and School Leader: The Jobs

In this section: - What tasks are teachers and school leaders responsible for. - What are comp...

2.3 Recruitment

In this section: - Recruitment rules and processes

2.4 Probation and New in the Job

In this section: - Rules of probation - How to support new teachers

2.5 Promotion & Career

In this section: - the criteria for promotion - how to apply for a promotion - promotion pro...

2.6 Leave

In this section: - Rules for different types of leave including vacation, study leave and mater...

2.7 Transfer

In this section: - What are the rules for transfer - Who can initiate a transfer - How to a...

2.8 Separation from the teaching service

In this section: - Rules and processes on leaving the teaching service including Resignation, T...

2.9 Retirement

In this section: - Rules on retirement - Retirement process

3.1 Registration

In this section: - What is registration - How to register as a teacher

3.2 Licensing

In this section: - What is licensing? - How to become a licensed teacher. Note: Processes ...

4.1 Pay and Benefits

Guidance on payroll and benefits.

5.1 Teacher Professional Development

In this section: - What is Teacher Professional Development (TPD) - TPD and career path - Pro...

5.2 Teacher Education

In this section: - Qualifications and requirements to become a teacher - Teacher training inst...