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5. Learning and Development

Rules, guidelines and processes for the continuous learning and development of teachers. Recom...

Further Reading: What is probation and why is it used?

2.4 Probation and New in the Job

The probation period of a newly appointed teacher is an opportunity for the school to observe and...

2.7 Transfer

In this section: - What are the rules for transfer - Who can initiate a transfer - How to a...

Rules: Transfer

2.7 Transfer

Transfer is to a position at the same level and grade. The TSC retains the final authority in t...

Rules: Teacher & School leader jobs

2.2 Teacher and School Leader: The Jobs

Includes: Understanding of the context of the job of teacher and school leader and General rules ...

Positions, Salary Grades and Experience

2.2 Teacher and School Leader: The Jobs

Salary grades and required qualifications and experience for teaching positions.    POSITIO...

Further reading: Job Enrichment

2.2 Teacher and School Leader: The Jobs

The teaching profession has considerable potential for innovation, inventiveness, play, and artis...

Further Reading: The jobs of teacher and school leader

2.2 Teacher and School Leader: The Jobs

Teaching is a meaningful and valuable profession. In Sierra Leone, teachers and school leaders ha...

Best Practice: Contents of a Job Description

2.2 Teacher and School Leader: The Jobs

A teacher Job Description may contain the following information. Compulsory entries are marked wi...

Best Practice: How to use a Job Description

2.2 Teacher and School Leader: The Jobs

The Job Description is an agreement between the teacher and the teacher's direct employer, i.e. t...

Best Practice: How school leaders may enrich a teacher's job

2.2 Teacher and School Leader: The Jobs

Provide leadership that encourages and motivates teachers. Facilitate the teacher’s job by ensu...

Best Practice: How to welcome a new teacher into school

2.4 Probation and New in the Job

To ensure a good start for both the newly recruited teacher and the school, the school leader (an...

7.5 Code of Conduct and Ethics

All teachers are required to sign up and adhere to the Teacher's Code of Conduct.

Best Practice: How to evaluate a new teacher on probation

2.4 Probation and New in the Job

To evaluate the suitability of a newly recruited teacher on their performance, aptitude and knowl...

Further reading: Promotion and career path

2.5 Promotion & Career

  Promotion and career are essential aspects of strategic HRM. The HR practice of promotion: r...

Process: Criteria for promotion of a teacher

2.5 Promotion & Career

  A recommendation for promotion of a teacher may result directly from accumulating sufficient c...

Process: Criteria for promotion to a school leader position

2.5 Promotion & Career

  For a teacher to be promoted to a school leader position, the following criteria may be applie...

Process: How to apply for promotion

2.5 Promotion & Career

  The School Leader and/or SMC/BoG/Education secretary recommends a teacher for promotion. Or,...

Process: Salary grades and requirements for teacher & school leader positions

2.5 Promotion & Career

  Teacher and school leader positions, salary grades, and qualification and experience requireme...

Further reading: Retiring from the teaching service

2.9 Retirement

  The retirement age of teachers in Sierra Leone is 60 years. Under special circumstances teache...

Rules & processes: Retirement

2.9 Retirement

The mandatory retirement age in the teaching service is 60 years. It may be subject to future ch...

Further reading: What is licensing and what are the benefits

3.2 Licensing

  A licensed teacher is a sign that the teacher belongs to the profession and meets the stipulat...

2.2 Teacher and School Leader: The Jobs

In this section: - What tasks are teachers and school leaders responsible for. - What are comp...

7.2 Equal Opportunities

In this section: - The importance of equal opportunities - How to ensure equal opportunities

1. About

In introduction to the HR manual, including: - It's purpose, Who is it for and How to use it -...

1.3 The Teaching Service in Sierra Leone

A brief description of the teaching service in Sierra Leone.

2. Teacher Human Resource Management

Rules, guidelines and processes for the HR management of teachers including recruitment, probatio...

3. Registration & Licensing

Rules, guidance and processes of teacher registration and and licensing. Recommended reading f...

4. Payroll and benefits

Guidance on payroll processes and benefits. Note: Benefits are currently under consideration. ...

6. Teacher Performance

Rules and guidance on teacher performance and the appraisal process. Recommended reading for a...

7. Teacher – Employer Relations & Teacher Welfare

Important rules and guidance on teacher-employer relations, equal opportunities, occupational hea...

8. Forms & Sample Letters

Repository of TSC HR forms and sample letters.

2.9 Retirement

In this section: - Rules on retirement - Retirement process

7.3 Occupational Health & Safety

In this section: - What is occupational health and safety - How to ensure safety in schools ...

1.2 About Human Resource Management

An introduction to modern human resource management.

2.4 Probation and New in the Job

In this section: - Rules of probation - How to support new teachers

7.1 Teacher - Employer Relations

In this section: - Teacher - Employer rules - How to join the SLTU - How to deal with a grei...

2.5 Promotion & Career

In this section: - the criteria for promotion - how to apply for a promotion - promotion pro...

2.8 Separation from the teaching service

In this section: - Rules and processes on leaving the teaching service including Resignation, T...

3.1 Registration

In this section: - What is registration - How to register as a teacher

4.1 Pay and Benefits

Guidance on payroll and benefits.

5.1 Teacher Professional Development

In this section: - What is Teacher Professional Development (TPD) - TPD and career path - Pro...

5.2 Teacher Education

In this section: - Qualifications and requirements to become a teacher - Teacher training inst...

5.3 Induction Programme

In this section: - What is involved in the induction programme - How to deliver induction trai...

5.4 Continuous Professional Development

In this section: Extensive guidelines and information to support all teachers and school leader...

6.1 Teacher Performance

In this section: - What is teacher performance and how to manage it

6.3 Motivation

In this section: - The importance of motivating teachers - How to motivate teachers

Salary Rules and Processes

4.1 Pay and Benefits

A teacher’s salary is paid monthly at the end of the month or within the first week of the nex...