Further reading: Retiring from the teaching service


The retirement age of teachers in Sierra Leone is 60 years. Under special circumstances teachers can work beyond the age of 60 or retire earlier.

Teacher pensions and the associated registration of years of service are managed by the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) under the Sierra Leone’s National Pension Scheme.

Membership of NASSIT is compulsory for all publicly employed teachers.

It is extremely important for TSC, school leaders and retiring teachers to follow the rules and procedures for retirement to avoid the risk that a retired teacher may be without income. 

Who is responsible

  • The retiring teacher
    Ensures that the school and TSC are notified
  • TSC
    Ensures the teacher on recruitment enrols in the pension scheme and notifies the teacher before retirement
    Registers all teachers, monitors years of service and manages the pension scheme.


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