Rules & processes: Retirement

  • The mandatory retirement age in the teaching service is 60 years. It may be subject to future changes.
  • A teacher can retire early from 55 years.
  • The TSC shall notify the teacher and NASSIT 3 months in advance of the date of retirement.
  • Teachers who retire aged 60 shall receive full pension if they have contributed to the NASSIT pension scheme for fifteen years or more.
  • Teachers who retire early receive a reduced pension according to the terms of the pension scheme.
  • If a teacher wishes to retire before the age of 60 they must inform the TSC by letter
  • Teachers who retire after less than 15 years of service will be paid a retirement grant as specified in the pension scheme.
  • NASSIT shall pay retirement benefits immediately after the last date of service and after receipt of documentation from the teacher.
  • The final deadline for submission of documentation to NASSIT after a teacher has retired is 90 working days.
  • A teacher may retire on medical grounds or if it is in the public interest, in which case the retiring teacher is still eligible for pension or gratuity in accordance with the pension scheme.
  • If the TSC wants a teacher to retire from the teaching service, the TSC must give the teacher three (3) months’ notice.
  • If a teacher retires on medical grounds NASSIT shall establish a Medical Board to assess the teacher’s health circumstances.
  • If a complaint is made against a teacher, the TSC will assess the complaint and documentation, after which it may or may not conclude to retire the teacher in the public interest.

Registration with NASSIT

  • The TSC ensures all new teachers register with NASSIT when they are recruited
  • After the teacher receives their PIN code, they should complete an SS1A Form and submit it to NASSIT
  • NASSIT generates a biometric ID card with a social security account number to the teacher
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