Rules: Leaving the teaching service

Includes: Resignation, Termination, Redundancy, Death



  • A teacher who wishes to resign must give three months’ notice.
  • The teacher submits a LETTER OF RESIGNATION to the school leader stating his or her reason for resigning.
  • The LETTER OF RESIGNATION is forwarded to the TSC-DO who forwards it to the TSC-HQ.
  • The TSC Payroll Officer deletes the resigning teacher from the payroll and informs the Accountant General’s Office.
  • The school leader recommends a replacement of the teacher to the TSC.
  • The teacher has the right to withdraw a notice of resignation at any time up to the effective date of the notice of resignation.


  • Termination of the employment of a teacher usually follows a decision on disciplinary proceedings by the TSC.
  • Termination must be on appropriate grounds provided for under the Code of Conduct for Teachers or because of other breaches of duty or rules and regulations.
  • Depending on the severity of the offense, before termination the teacher will be given one or two warnings and a chance to improve.
  • The TSC’s Teacher-Employer Relations Department, sets up a Panel to assess and decide on the termination (Ref. Code of Conduct).
  • The teacher due to be terminated from the teaching service has the right to appeal (See Teacher-Employer Relations).
  • The TSC must give the teacher one (1) month notice in writing of the termination of the teacher’s employment and pay the salary for the month.
  • TSC will delete the terminated teacher from the payroll and inform the Accountant General’s Office.

For further information please refer to the Code of Conduct for Teachers,


  • A position as teacher may become redundant due to changes in government policy, national curriculum, school organisation or restructuring by the TSC.
  • In case of redundancy of a teaching position the TSC shall review the seniority, skills and competencies of the redundant teacher and seek to find an alternative post for the teacher in another school in the country.
  • The TSC shall notify the teacher, the teacher’s trade union, and the Commission for Labour three (3) months before the date of termination of the teacher’s employment.
  • During this period the teacher will receive full salary and continue to work.


  • A teacher who exits the teaching service due to resignation or redundancy may be re-employed subject to the prevailing terms and conditions, recruitment regulations and approval by the TSC.
  • The matter will be treated as a new recruitment using previous PIN code.
  • A teacher who has retired can be reemployed on a contract basis.


  • The school leader must report the death of a teacher to TSC and send a copy of the death certificate.
  • The deceased’s family report to TSC for payment of gratuity and reports the death to NASSIT.
  • NASSIT issues validation and SS5 forms to the family.
  • The family completes the forms and submits them to TSC.
  • TSC will sign the forms, copy them and return the originals to the family for submission to NASSIT so the teachers’ NASSIT contributions are paid. NASSIT will inform the family when they should report for payment through the bank.
  • The school must recommend a replacement teacher to the TSC as soon as possible to fill the vacant position.
  • The TSC must ensure the Account General’s Office is informed and the deceased teacher is removed from the payroll. After which a replacement can be sought.
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