Rules: Registration

The TSC Act of 2011 mandates the TSC to:

  • Register and license all teachers
  • Maintain and annually upgrade a register of all licensed teachers
  • Publish the register in the Gazette
  • Vet all teacher qualifications.

Registration Rules

  • Every teacher must register in the electronic database of teachers maintained by the TSC.
  • The minimum academic qualification for registration as a professional teacher is the Teacher Certificate (TC) or its equivalent. Lower qualifications do not qualify.
  • Acceptable qualifications for registration are: TC; Higher Teacher Certificate (HTC) Primary/Secondary; Degree in Education; Degree in Science/Arts/Social Studies/Commerce/Vocational and Technical Studies + Post-graduate Diploma in Education.
  • A person is eligible for registration if he or she:
    • Has the minimum relevant academic and professional qualifications from an accredited and recognised teacher education institution in Sierra Leone or elsewhere.
    • Is physically and mentally fit.
    • Has no criminal record or any registration of inappropriate conduct.
  • Foreign applicants must submit the following documents with their application:
    • Certified copies of qualifications and academic transcript, certified copy of identification document.
    • Letter of professional standing and good ethical conduct – not more than one year old and headed, stamped and signed - from the country of previous registration.
    • Proof of legal entry into Sierra Leone, passport, visa, and work permit and/or residence card if relevant, or asylum seeker or refugee permit.
    • Documentation of passing TSC’s Professional Qualifying Assessment/Test (if operational at the time).
    • Proof of ability to teach fluently in the English language.
  • Separation from service, retirement and death must be registered in the Teacher Database.
  • Denial or withdrawal of registration as a teacher follow the same rules as denial or withdrawal of a teacher’s licence. The criteria are described in the following section on Licensing.
  • Anyone found to submit falsified documents or information will be subject to legal proceedings and denied registration or licensing as a teacher
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