Process: Teacher Database and Register


  • The TSC has a hard-copy of personnel records of all approved teachers.
  • These will be scanned and digitalised and held in the electronic teacher database.
  • All new teachers are registered in the teacher database.
  • The database of teacher personnel information includes:
    • Pin-code and National Identity Number (NIN) of the teacher
    • Biometric data
    • Name
    • Title
    • Salary grade
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Family status
    • Address
    • School/location
    • Years of service
    • License
    • Education and qualifications
    • Subject speciality
    • School grades trained to teach
    • Completed professional development
    • Competency level (proficient etc)
    • Other as determined by MBSSE and TSC.

All personal information of teachers is confidential and subject to current regulation for protection of personal information.

Only authorised persons have access to information in the teacher database.

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