Salary Rules and Processes

  • A teacher’s salary is paid monthly at the end of the month or within the first week of the next month.
  • It is based on documented full-time work in the school to which the teacher has been deployed by TSC. In cases of non-attendance, a school leader should notify TSC to take the appropriate action.
  • Salary is based on the teacher’s designated salary grade (for the grades of teachers see the section on Promotion).
  • Teachers are added to the teacher database following verification by the Ministry of Finance.
  • The teacher database forms the basis of the payroll system.
  • Information which determines the salary of a teacher is maintained in teacher records and in the teacher database.
  • The school leader and TSC-DO must inform TSC-HQ immediately of changes to a teacher’s record so that the teacher’s record and the teacher database can be updated.
  • Information from the Teacher Database is given to the Accountant General’s Office through the Ministry of Finance each month who validate the information, ensure NCRA and NASSIT records match the Teacher Database, and pay salaries into teacher bank accounts.
  • Absence of regular pay and/or errors must be reported immediately to the TSC-DD who will report to TSC-HQ to investigate and remedy as soon as possible.
 Who is responsible

TSC: Manages the teacher database and processes information on recruitment, transfer, separation from service, etc. to the Accountant General’s Office through the MoF.

Ministry of Finance: Authorises the Accountant General’s office to pay teacher salaries.

Accountant General’s Office: Transfers teacher salaries to bank accounts.

Banks: Teachers draw their salaries directly from their bank account.

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