Rules: Teacher & School leader jobs

Includes: Understanding of the context of the job of teacher and school leader and General rules regarding Jobs in the teaching profession

Understanding of the context of the job of teacher and school leader

To understand the context and contents of their work, teacher students and candidates, and teachers and school leaders must acquaint themselves with:

    • Mid-term Education Sector Plan, 2018-2021
    • The Education Act of 2004 (Sierra Leone Gazette, 1st April 2004)
    • The Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders (TSC, 2017)
    • The Code of Conduct for Teachers (TSC, 2019)
    • The approaches to teaching of the school at which they work
    • Their Job Description.

General rules regarding Jobs in the teaching profession

  • The TSC is responsible for writing Job Descriptions.
  • Teaching and school leader jobs must be designed, planned, performed and appraised in accordance with the professional standards for teachers and school leaders, the Code of Conduct, the norms applying to the teaching profession, prevailing health and safety standards, and the needs of the education sector and schools in Sierra Leone.
  • Job descriptions should, as a minimum, describe basic data about the job, essential responsibilities and tasks, and required competencies to do the job.
  • The TSC must review and update teacher and school leader job descriptions and other information about on-the-job requirements at a minimum of every three years.
  • The TSC and school management must promote and ensure job enrichment and ensure conducive physical and professional job environments for teachers and school leaders.
  • A teacher’s job performance is monitored on a regular basis by the school leader who must ensure work discipline, high standards of teaching, adherence to the Code of Conduct, and a good climate amongst teachers.
  • Teacher and school leader job performance is appraised in connection with school supervision, school reports and annual performance appraisal.
  • The job of a school leader or a teacher is not confined to the job description. The teacher shall also perform tasks in accordance with the profession, level and nature of the job as requested by their superior.
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