Further Reading: The jobs of teacher and school leader

Teaching is a meaningful and valuable profession. In Sierra Leone, teachers and school leaders have a major impact on the future of school children and on the country. Economic growth, social improvement, meeting the demands of the labour market for qualified labour, as well as personal job satisfaction and wellbeing all start in the country’s schools.

As a result, it is important that teacher and school leader jobs are designed and performed optimally to deliver high quality teaching that has a positive impact on learning and pupil achievement. High quality teaching is composed of several factors which determine the pupils’ degree of learning and subsequent application of knowledge and skills in the real world. These are all reflected in the way the jobs of school leaders and teachers are designed and practiced.

The job of a teacher is varied and goes beyond the classroom. A teacher not only teaches, but counsels pupils, engages in extra-curricular activities, such as sports and excursions, interacts with parents, meets with peers and school leaders to plan and address school issues, helps to keep the school tidy, clean and safe, and participates in professional forums.    

The standards to which all teachers and school leaders must aim are described in the Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders in Sierra Leone (TSC, 2017). The Code of Conduct for Teachers and other Education Personnel, TSC, 2019. also guides job performance and teacher and school leader behaviour.

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