School Leader Job Description

Full job description for a position as a school leader including: tasks, competencies and qualifications. 

Positions: Primary: Deputy Head Teacher and Head Teacher; Secondary: Vice-Principal and Principal
Grades: 8-11 (for details see the attached table)
Place of work: School assigned by the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE)
Reports to: SMC/BOD, TSC, MBSSE, TSC-DO, DEO (depending on the type of reporting)

  1. Purpose of the Job
  • Effective school strategic and detailed planning
  • School budgets and financial administration meet the stipulated standards
  • The school is overall well-managed
  • Satisfactory pupil achievements
  • Good teamwork, teachers express job satisfaction
  • Teaching at the school is of a high standard
  1. Tasks

Core Managerial tasks

  • Head of administration
  • Prepares, signs and submit school budgets, approves activities and financial spending
  • Prepares semester plans and calendars and allocates teachers to classes
  • Checks and registers teacher attendance
  • Ensures that up to date curriculum is taught at the school
  • Supervises tests and examinations
  • Supervises CAR (Continuous Assessment Records) and pupil Progress Reports
  • Manages learning materials, supplies, facilities, maintenance, procurements, etc.
  • Oversees sports and other extra-curricular activities

People Management

  • Carries out all teacher/human resource management at the school, liaison with TSC
  • Organises work and delegates tasks at the school
  • Promotes a good work climate, teamwork and job satisfaction amongst teachers
  • Ensures the overall welfare, health and safety of teachers and pupils
  • Ensures teachers’ learning and development
  • Monitors and appraises teacher performance
  • Engages the school and its teachers in learning and development activities

Social tasks

  • Liaison between school and MBSSE, TCS, local education institutions and other stakeholders
  • Liaison between school and the community
  • Represents the school at meetings, workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Acts as secretary to the SMC/BOG
  • Attends the conferences of school leaders
  1. Learning & development
  • Participates in relevant school leadership training
  • Engages in self-directed learning
  • Participates in relevant professional associations and forums
  1. Special demands of the job
  • Pressure from politicians, community and parents
  • Manages a constrained school budget
  • Work can be periodically stressful
  1. Competencies


  • Same as for teachers, in addition:
  • Regulations, procedures and practices pertaining to school management, teacher HR management, administration, finance and budgeting,
  • Professional Standards for School Leaders
  • Performance management and -appraisal


  • Same as for teachers, in addition:
  • Leadership and organization
  • Teambuilding, -leading and motivation
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Communication and media


  • Well-organised
  • Results-orientated
  • Integrity and high standards of ethics
  • Human attitude and empathy towards teachers, pupils and community
  1. Qualifications
  • 8-10 years’ experience as a teacher
  • Higher Teacher Certificate – Primary (HTC-primary)
  • Higher Teacher Certificate – Secondary (HTC-secondary)
  • Degree in Education
  • Degree + Post-graduate Diploma in Education
  1. Professional Standards for School Leaders

A school leader is expected to aim at excellence in leadership and school management and develop the associated competencies. These are described in detail in the Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders, TSC, 2017.




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