Rules: Transfer

  • Transfer is to a position at the same level and grade.
  • The TSC retains the final authority in the transfer of teachers.
  • Transfer may be to a school within the same district or another district.
  • Transfer may be initiated by the TSC, the school leader or the individual teacher.
  • The TSC can transfer a teacher in view of the broader needs of the teaching service, regardless of whether the teacher has requested the transfer or not.
  • The teacher must be given at least three (3) months’ notice of transfer unless otherwise agreed between TSC and the teacher.
  • When a teacher has served in one school for a period of more than three (3) years he or she may apply to the TSC for transfer.
  • A teacher may be transferred earlier than three (3) years of service:
    • On medical grounds as certified by a registered medical practitioner.
    • Severe family related problems, which may be exacerbated if transfer is denied.
    • Urgent needs of the broader teaching service.
    • Other circumstances based on the judgement of the TSC.
  • A teacher cannot transfer to another school before the school head issues a RELEASE LETTER and the TSC issues a TRANSFER FORM .
  • The school leader may object against the transfer to the TSC if the transfer has adverse consequences for the school. TSC may consult with the school and delay the transfer by 30 days or decline the transfer.
  • A school or a district may wish to transfer a teacher to another school for reasons of local planning, i.e. to comply with the need for subject teachers, improve the teacher-student ratio, the balance of qualified teachers, the gender balance or for other reasons.
  • The school leader must immediately report the transfer of a teacher to another school to the TSC to ensure the Teacher Data Base and the Payroll system are updated.
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