Process: Criteria for promotion to a school leader position


For a teacher to be promoted to a school leader position, the following criteria may be applied:

  • Education
  • Years of service as a teacher
  • Integrity and adherence to Code of Conduct
  • Strategic, planning and organising skills
  • Able to manage school economy, budget and administration
  • Team-leader and motivational skills
  • Able to take decisions and initiative and assume responsibility
  • Good at mentoring, coaching and supervising teachers
  • Shows empathy and supports other, especially new, teachers
  • Able to cope with stress under pressure
  • Excellent subject knowledge
  • Excellent teaching skills
  • Engages with the community and parents
  • Engages in extra-curricular activities like sports
  • Cares for the school upkeep and environment
  • Maintains health and safety procedures at the school.
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