Rules: Promotion

Includes: Fundamental principles of promotion; Who can be promoted and how; the Teacher Portfolio; and roles and responsibilities. 

Fundamental principles of promotion

  • Promotion must be based on merit.
  • The candidate with the highest score must be selected for promotion.
  • The process of promotion must be objective, fair and transparent.
  • The criteria for promotion should be clear, objective, measurable, easy to verify and relevant for the job as teacher (adapted from SMART – see Performance Appraisal).
  • Promotion must be un-biased, free from favouritism and based on the principle of equal opportunities.

Who can be promoted and how

  • A teacher who has served at least three (3) years in one position and grade is eligible for promotion to a higher position and grade.
  • Promotion is based on work experience, performance (performance appraisal), participation in Continuous Professional Development (teacher portfolio), academic achievements and the conduct of the teacher.
  • A teacher may apply for promotion if they meet the criteria for promotion.
  • A teacher can be recommended for promotion by: the performance appraisal panel, the school leader, the SMC/BoG and Education Secretary.
  • The TSC evaluates candidates for promotion, approves and initiates the promotion procedure.
  • The TSC may deny a promotion if a teacher is found guilty of a disciplinary offense less than three (3) years prior to the application for promotion, or if the candidate was given an official warning less than two (2) years prior to the application for promotion.
  • A re-employed teacher can only be promoted after serving three (3) years as a teacher after the re-employment.
  • A teacher on secondment or study leave can only be considered for promotion on return to service as a teacher.

The Teacher Portfolio

The Teacher Portfolio is a major tool for determining whether a teacher should be promoted. It is a personal file which accompanies the teacher throughout the teacher’s career and is filled in by the school leader. The Teacher Portfolio contains:

  • Academic and educational achievements of the teacher
  • The teacher’s performance as recorded in the annual performance appraisal
  • Continuous professional development programs successfully completed by the teacher and the resulting credits
  • Performance reports of internal and external pupil exams
  • Extra-curricular activities of the teacher
  • The conduct of the teacher
  • Previous appointments and promotions.

Roles and responsibilities

Promotion is based on a credit system determined by the TSC (under development).

  • Teacher: can apply for promotion
  • School leader: can recommend a teacher for promotion
  • Primary Schools - SMC or school education secretary (mission schools): can recommend promotion of a teacher
  • BoG (Secondary Schools): can recommend promotion of a teacher
  • TSC-HQ: takes the final decision on a promotion.
  • MBSSE: takes the final decision on promotion to the position of Principal and Vice Principal.
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