Best Practice: How to uphold Equal Opportunities in schools


  • Ensure all teachers/students have equal access to opportunities and participation.
  • Ensure policies and procedures do not discriminate against anyone.
  • Ensure all HR practices are merit-based, transparent in execution, unaffected by personal biases or favouritism, fair, and based on objective criteria.
  • Apply the above principle in recruitment, deployment, promotion, selection for professional development, study leave, all forms of benefits, and managerial and leadership appointments, and all other areas of HR.
  • Organise sensitisation workshops and meetings for teachers on EO.
  • Promote the publication of articles and cases on EO in the media.
  • Organise conferences and seminars on the subject.
  • Perform drama and jingles on the EO theme.
  • Ensure strict adherence to and oversight of the Code of Conduct.
  • Apply inclusive and participatory teaching methods in schools to involve all.
  • Organise all-inclusive sport activities in schools that consider teachers and pupils with disabilities.
  • Engage teachers and pupils with disabilities in school activities and responsibilities.
  • Ensure facilities are available in all schools for teachers and students with disabilities, such as ramps, special toilets, etc.
  • Ensure learning materials do not discriminate against anyone and are adapted where necessary, e.g. large print or audio tape format.
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