Best Practice: How to report poor OHS


  • Follow procedures in the Code of Conduct.
  • If you observe a lack in OHS precautions in a school inform the school leader and make sure the SMC/BoG are informed. Follow MBSSE and TSC directives.
  • The school leader should write a brief report/letter describing the deficiency. If they don’t, write it yourself.
  • Submit the report to the DEO-DD with copy to TSC-DO-DD.
  • If a visit by the DEO school supervisors is immediately forthcoming, report to the supervisor who will take appropriate action.
  • The DEO-DD submits their report to the MBSSE Inspectorate with copy to TSC-HQ, Department of Teacher-Employer Relations.
  • The DEO and the TSC-DO check action is taken promptly and immediately.
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