Process: How to become a licensed teacher


  • A new teacher is automatically licensed after verification of qualifications during registration.
  • Teachers with limited internet access to be licensed submit their academic certificates and other professional documents to the office of the TSC-DO for processing and onward transmission to TSC-HQ for verification.
  • The teacher’s license is renewed every three (3) years.
  • TSC informs the teacher that renewal of Licensing is due
  • To renew their license, teachers complete the LICENSING & REGISTRATION APPLICATION FORM.
  • With the form the teacher attaches documentation required for renewal such as the Teacher’s Portfolio and Performance Appraisal results
  • TSC verifies documentation and evaluates the teacher’s eligibility for renewal of his or her license
  • This is a requirement to ensure the teacher retains his/her name in the national licensed teacher register and may continue to practice as a teacher during the stipulated timespan.
  • The license of a teacher is registered in the TSC Database of teachers.
  • To qualify for renewal of his or her license the teacher must:
    • Comply with the Code of Conduct for teachers.
    • Demonstrate achievements of professional standards
    • Engage in professional development
  • Eligibility for renewal is documented in the Teacher Portfolio and the Performance Appraisal.
  • A teacher is denied registration and licensing if he or she does not meet the criteria

Teachers must pay for their teacher licenses, as approved by Cabinet. The process for payment is under development.

  • New Teacher Le. 200,000
  • Proficient Teacher Le. 150,000
  • Highly Accomplished Teacher Le. 100,000
  • Distinguished Teacher Le. 50,000


Download the Licensing & Registration application form.


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