Rules: Licensing


The TSC Act of 2011 mandates the TSC to:

  • Register and license all teachers
  • Maintain and annually upgrade a register of all licensed teachers
  • Publish the register in the Gazette
  • Vet all teacher qualifications.

The teaching license is a legal permit granted by the TSC to qualified and registered teachers giving permission to practice without restriction for three (3) years with terms and conditions. It is important teachers are licensed after registration because it is the license that gives a registered teacher the authority to work in the profession.

For a teacher or school leader to have his or her license renewed after expiry, he or she must demonstrate:

  • Personal integrity and adherence to the Code of Conduct.
  • Participation in continuous professional development as documented.
  • Good results in the annual Performance Appraisal.
  • In addition, the school leader must demonstrate leadership and managerial skills. The criteria for leadership and managerial skills are the same as for promotion to a school leader position.
  • Evidence of fulfilment of the criteria is provided in the teacher’s or school leader’s Portfolio, Performance Appraisal and in documentation on school performance.



  • The new Licensing system will commence with newly appointed teachers with pin-codes and heads of schools.
  • Newly pin-coded teachers will be licensed as New Teachers. Heads of schools will be assessed and placed on the competency ladder.
  • The TSC’s Department for Teacher Professional Development uses the Teacher Portfolio and the Performance Appraisal to assess existing teachers for licensing as Proficient Teachers or Highly Accomplished Teachers.


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