Best Practice: How to promote a good physical work environment

  • Keep the work environment healthy and safe by following the rules and guidance provided in Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Overall make the school an attractive place that stimulates work and wellbeing.
  • Ensure classrooms are spacious and match the number of students, are clean and orderly, and have good light and ventilation.
  • Maintain buildings, facilities, appliances, etc. in a good state and carry out repairs and improvements immediately when necessary.
  • Maintain outdoor areas in the school including play and sports grounds. Plant trees and other plants and arrange for green outdoor spaces at the school premises.
  • Remove waste of any kind that you come across immediately. Ensure waste disposal facilities.
  • Provide teachers with a common room to spend their time between classes and space for individual work like correcting pupils’ homework.
  • Provide pupils with separate spaces to work and socialise.
  • Clean the school premises daily and organise regular major clean ups. Engage pupils in this activity.
  • Make the school a non-smoking environment. If necessary, provide an outdoor area for smokers.
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