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2.1 Teacher Workforce Planning

In this section: - How to plan the teaching workforce in schools - Rules on deployment - The...

5.2 Teacher Education

In this section: - Qualifications and requirements to become a teacher - Teacher training inst...

2.9 Retirement

In this section: - Rules on retirement - Retirement process

2.8 Separation from the teaching service

In this section: - Rules and processes on leaving the teaching service including Resignation, T...

2.7 Transfer

In this section: - What are the rules for transfer - Who can initiate a transfer - How to a...

2.6 Leave

In this section: - Rules for different types of leave including vacation, study leave and mater...

2.5 Promotion & Career

In this section: - the criteria for promotion - how to apply for a promotion - promotion pro...

1.4 Background Information

Acknowledgements, foreword, acronyms and references for the HR Manual.

5.3 Induction Programme

In this section: - What is involved in the induction programme - How to deliver induction trai...

5.1 Teacher Professional Development

In this section: - What is Teacher Professional Development (TPD) - TPD and career path - Pro...

2.2 Teacher and School Leader: The Jobs

In this section: - What tasks are teachers and school leaders responsible for. - What are comp...

7.4 Work Environment

In this section: - The importance of a good work environment

7.3 Occupational Health & Safety

In this section: - What is occupational health and safety - How to ensure safety in schools ...

4.1 Pay and Benefits

Guidance on payroll and benefits.

2.4 Probation and New in the Job

In this section: - Rules of probation - How to support new teachers

1.3 The Teaching Service in Sierra Leone

A brief description of the teaching service in Sierra Leone.

1.2 About Human Resource Management

An introduction to modern human resource management.

1.1 About this Manual

About this manual and how to navigate it.

2.3 Recruitment

In this section: - Recruitment rules and processes

3.1 Registration

In this section: - What is registration - How to register as a teacher