How to use this manual

The HR Manual is available in print and digital format. The guidance below is for digital users. 

    Site structure

    The manual is split into three levels. View the site map.

    section.jpgSections: The manual is split into 7 sections. 

    sub-section.jpgSub-sections: Each section includes one or more sub-section. 

    Page.jpg Pages: Each sub-section contains pages. 


    Guidance on how to use the digital manual including navigation, search and printing. 


    Mobile Phone Users


    1. Navigation

    Home page


    Moving through sections, sub-sections and pages

    Use the drop down menu to go to sections and sub-sections. 


    As you move through the manual, breadcrumbs will appear at the top of the screen. 


    > Tap an icon to return back to the sub-section, section or section menu.

    > Tap on a grey arrow to reveal a drop down menu. Enter a key word to search the section or sub-section. Or scroll down to select another page or subsection (depending on which arrow you select).


    > Tap Info on any page to reveal page and subsection navigation.


    2. Search

    The search option allows you to search the manual. Select search from the drop down menu, type in a key word and press go / enter. 


    3. Print / Export

    To export a page for print:

    > Go to the page you want to print.

    > Tap Info.

    > Select Export. 

    > Select PDF file

    > Select Download



    4. Forms

    All forms are listed on the Forms page 

    > Select a form.

    > Select View or Download


    Computer / tablet users

    1. Navigation
    2. Search
    3. Print / Download 
    4. Forms


    1. Navigation

    Navigation options are visible on all pages. 



    > Type in a key word in Search at the top of the page and press go / enter. 


    3. Print / Export

    > Click on Export on the left of the page. 

    > Select PDF file. Download.


    4. Forms

    All forms are listed on the Forms page 

    > Select a form. It will automatically download a Word document.



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