The methodology applied in the preparation of this manual is based on considerable engagement with stakeholders and future users, including TSC district staff, school leaders, senior teachers, SLTU managers and others representing the teaching service. The National Teacher Policy (TSC, 2019) and the departmental structure and tasks of the TSC have served as a framework.

The methodology included:

  1. Needs assessment
  2. Development of the manual concept
  3. Identification of the HR functions to be included
  4. Design of the structure
  5. Examination and inclusion of TSC Policies
  6. Research on and inclusion of modern HR function i.e. strategic and people-oriented HR
  7. Input into the contents by future users and stakeholder from relevant Sierra Leone institutions
  8. Preparation of the draft HR Manual
  9. Lay-out, design and editing
  10. Feedback, validation and adjustments at different stages
  11. Digitalisation of manual and HR forms
  12. Testing
  13. Training of superusers and TSC managers and professionals
  14. Dissemination and distribution.
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