Long-term objective (Impact)

  • To improve the quality of teaching in primary and secondary schools through effective, competent, motivated and (job) satisfied teachers.

General objectives (Outcome)

  • To provide a comprehensive HR system for the teaching service which operationalises the National Teacher Policy for Sierra Leone.
  • To ensure professional, proficient, merit-based, transparent, equitable, unbiased and fair HR management of teachers that is timely, accurate, and effective.
  • To ensure HR practitioners in the teaching service have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to carry out HR tasks to a high professional standard.
  • To enhance modern strategic and people oriented HR in the teaching service.
  • To enable users of the manual to easily find and access key information and instructions on teacher human resource management and the required forms, including online via computer, tablets and smartphones.

Immediate objectives

To inform HR non-specialist practitioners and employees in Sierra Leone’s Teaching Service:

  • WHY HR functions are important
  • WHAT the main rules are in teacher personnel management
  • WHO is responsible for HR activities
  • HOW to carry out HR procedures and the steps involved
  • WHERE to seek further information
  • Best practices and modern trends in HR to keep the user updated on latest developments
  • Provide FORMS and SAMPLE LETTERS required to complete HR transactions.
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