Process: How to deliver an induction training programme in a school

School leaders and senior teachers are required to mentor new teachers. This is a continuation of the mentoring which is offered during student practice. School leaders and senior teachers assigned to be mentors would have participated in TSC’s mentoring programme.

The school induction training takes two full days. If possible, the induction will target several new teachers from the same and/or neighbouring schools. During their induction training, new teachers will meet the other teachers and the school leader.

The school leader may present the school, its policies, plans, ways of operating, its stakeholders, etc to the new teacher. A senior teacher could be asked to present the school’s approach to teaching, special issues in teaching and the teaching related duties, etc. A member of the SMC/BoG may be requested to introduce the teacher to the local community and explain the interaction between school, community and council. A folder of relevant materials should be compiled for the new teacher who must be given an opportunity to read it. In connection with the introductions and presentations new teachers will be given an opportunity to ask questions. The teacher should be presented to his or her class or classes.  

The Induction covers learning areas such as:

  • General knowledge on the profession as teacher
  • The rights and responsibilities of teachers
  • Basic knowledge on the relevant policies, laws, regulations and procedures
  • An overview of relevant institutions and organisations in the education sector
  • Facts, statistics, etc. which apply to teaching and the education sector
  • Where to find information
  • The duties of a teacher
  • The challenges and how to deal with them
  • Introduction to the professional standards for teachers
  • Introduction to the code of conduct for teachers
  • Introduction to the Teacher’s Portfolio
  • The school’s didactic approach to teaching
  • Special knowledge on the school and the local society
  • The way the school is managed and organised, incl. meetings, teams, special duties, etc.
  • Practical and administrative information.
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