Best Practice: Follow up of a training course

An important dimension of learning is to practice what you have learnt in real life to reinforce the learning process. Many training courses fail to have an impact because this does not happen.

It is the duty of training organisers and the managers of participants to ensure mechanisms are in place to enable training participants to practice what they learnt and get experience while it is still fresh in their mind. When teachers participate in CPD events, school leaders should be involved from the outset and systematically follow up afterwards.

To focus the attention of both teacher and school leader, CPD should evaluate training outcomes where results must be demonstrated in performance in the classroom.

Following up on training may be incorporated in mentoring, coaching or supervision programmes. Participants in training may also be given targeted job assignments on completing a course. This is particularly relevant in the case of leadership training. Finally, a CPD training course may be supplemented by e- and mobile learning modules.

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