Best Practice: Strategies for addressing learning needs

May include:

  • Open (standard courses offered to a wide audience) versus tailored (courses tailored to specific needs of an organisation) learning, in-house (within the organisation’s premises) versus external training.
    • Examples of open external training courses are the standard in-service training courses for civil servants offered by IPAM, the Institute of Public Administration and Management and by the Civil Service Training College.
    • Example of tailored internal training courses for teachers with similar training needs are the current competency classes offered by TSC at selected schools in the country.
  • Training at an institute abroad. This option is only valid if the return on the investment can be expected to be high.
  • Online/distance or blended learning (mixture of face to face and online training) courses suitable for trainees in remote areas and for economies of scale in case of large numbers of trainees.
  • On-the-job training.
  • Supervision and mentoring by a school leader or a highly accomplished teacher
  • Team-based learning, communities of practice, and similar
  • Self-directed learning, on-line or through books, articles, etc.
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