Best Practice: How to manage and administer a learning event

Depending on the size and scope of the learning event one or more competent staff should be in charge of course management and administration. Trainers and facilitators should be relieved from this dimension of learning events allowing them to focus on content and delivery.

For larger programmes and programmes delivered at institutes, there may be a hierarchy of managers and administrators from a course director at the top to service staff who take photocopies.

In the case of an external provider, a training institute or a highly professional venue part of the course management and administration will be taken care of. This should be included in the agreement with them, but it is important in any case to check every point.

Management and administration include:

  • Managing overall planning, budgeting, tendering, reporting, etc
  • Monitoring agreements with external providers
  • Managing budget and expenditures
  • Taking care of DSA, transport arrangements, accommodation, etc
  • Registering participants
  • Acting as host: welcoming and directing participants when they arrive.
  • Taking care of meals, refreshments, special diets, etc
  • Assist with handouts, photocopying, etc
  • Handle unexpected situations (if the power fails) and emergencies (if someone gets sick)
  • Interacting with technical and service staff associated with the venue (a different employer)
  • Simply being there for the facilitators and trainers.
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