Best Practice: Out of the classroom, on-the-job or spare-time learning

Job-based and spare-time learning are low-cost solutions to develop competencies which, if appropriately applied, can be very effective. It includes:

  • Virtual classroom and webinars
  • E- and mobile learning
  • Blended learning which combines periods of self-study, working and occasional meetings with facilitators/lecturers and co-learners
  • Systematic on-the-job instruction or supervision, which might involve demonstrations. This can be facilitated by the school leader or a highly accomplished/distinguished teacher
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching, which is more personalised and systematic than mentoring
  • Provision of instructions on posters, easily accessible manuals, etc
  • Team learning on-the-job
  • Communities of practice (Can be organised as a Facebook or LinkedIn group with similar professional and subject interests who maintain contact, discuss online, exchange literature, etc.)
  • Self-directed learning.
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